Sustaining Engineer


Jul 10, 2019
Mountain View, California

Sustaining Engineer (Ref#:7101)
6 Months Contract
Mountain View, CA

Job Description
• Troubleshoot technical issues across systems by collaborating with customer support, engineering and product management teams.
• Identify common failure patterns and draft plans to address them
• Develop a broad understanding of system technical architecture to propose solutions to commonly observed problems
• Analyze data, create monitoring and observability solutions to prevent, detect and resolve issues
• Triage and remediate high priority issues and bugs
• Collaborate with our product teams to improve our product and reduce issues
• Document and develop best practices to for our customers

• 4+ years of experience in similar roles
• B. S. or M. S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience
• Experience communicating technical concepts to non-technical audiences
• A love of problem solving and fixing products
• Ideal candidate has experience/knowledge in one or more of these technologies: Wearable devices, Mobile development (iOS/Android/React Native), Restful APIs, SQL, JSON, Bluetooth, Kibana, Zeppelin

Quick Notes
There is now a need dedicated to this rather than pulling an engineer for this.
Could be open to extension or conversion
Well balanced between technical skill and communication
Needs to communicate with various stakeholders.
               When end users run into a problem, they call customer support.
               Anything that customer help cant help, will go to this person.
               Needs to understand the request and triage
               Pass off to others to debug, and update customers  when engineers are working on the issues.

Will handle crisis communication for big outages or events
Basic technical skills and project management
Other names that might be helpful sourcing?
Technical support engineer
No preference on past companies but similar company is important
Coding languages required?  iOS, Android, react native, JAVA, javascript, swift, sping, restful API, JSON/XML
Ideal candidate:  Developer in the past and switched to mobile and wanted to move on to less coding