Software QA I


Jun 10, 2019
Cupertino, California

Software QA I/Carplay/HomeKit QA Engineer (Ref#: 9252918)
4 Months Contract
Cupertino, CA

Job Description - Carplay/HomeKit QA Engineer

This is a hands-on QA position including manual deep dive testing and involvement in automated testing of Siri for CarPlay and Homekit features. These include testing a combination of functional areas, GUI, and Audio UI around various product features areas such as messaging, navigation, phone, music and more. In addition there will be interactions around third party products supporting both basic and complex Homekit configurations. In this role the respective person works collaboratively as part of the QA and development team throughout the project lifecycle to execute and create new manual tests, screen test automation results, create and track bug reports, escalate top issues, regress and verify bug fixes on both client and server, and add test automation scenarios.

- Experience in GUI testing (preferably iOS/macOS), creating and executing test plans
- Ability to think about different usage scenarios
- Experience in bug reporting, bug tracking, and initial bug triage to narrow down the issue
- Able to setup and use iOS and macOS as well as respective applications (Calendar, Messaging, E-Mail, Search and basic Terminal usage (UNIX shell) as well as other system apps)
- Experience in test automation and automation results analysis
- Programming experience (preferably Python) preferred