3 Common Job Hunting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

WinMax Blog Team

21 August 2020

Job-hunting is one area that everyone dreads slightly. It is not an easy process by any means and if you keep making mistakes, you will have a difficult time finding the right job. Luckily, some of the issues you face with job-hunting are very common.
In fact, these common challenges have some simple solutions that you might not have considered. So, if you’re looking to overcome them, here’s what you should do when faced with these challenges:

1. Applying Without a Clear Direction

If you start applying without a clear direction in mind, you will get better results and be able to direct your attention with clarity. Additionally, this also means that you will be sending out 20 different applications without getting a single response.

To get a clearer direction, you need to understand your current skill sets and be able to visualize how you can perform the tasks that the job you are applying to will entail. It allows you to be more centered and ensure that when you do apply to places, there’s a higher chance that you will hear back from them.

2. Not Using Your Network

Your network is a valuable tool when you are job hunting, so do not be shy to ask your network for help. In fact, data shows that around 70% to 80% of all new job openings are filled in with the help of networking.

Most companies give weightage and precedence to candidates that come through employee referrals or have a reference of people that currently work there. So, if you are not having any luck with job-hunting, make sure that you utilize your network.

Even letting people know that you are looking for a job in a particular industrycan go a long way with your job hunt. When someone else is looking for a job, you can also help them out in a similar manner.

3. Not Joining a Recruitment Company

One of the best ways to simplify your job-hunting process is by signing up with a recruitment company. Many of these companies are already working with businesses who are actively looking for new resources. Based on your skillsets, they can match you up with the possible positions and help you find the job with ease.

In essence, a recruitment company can help to do most of the legwork that is involved with finding the right job. With their help, you can ensure that you are able to join a workplace as quickly as possible. Given the fact that they simplify the job hunting process significantly, they can be a great place for one to start with.

Getting your resume to the hiring manager through the HR channel can be a lengthy process. If there is a recruitment firm involved, they help to expedite the hiring process if have the right skill set.


Job hunting can be challenging but if you are mindful, you can bypass many of them with the help of a good recruitment company. If you’re looking for a reputable recruitment firm or want to learn more about how you can make your job hunting search easier, get in touch with our consultants at WinMax Systems Corporation. You can give us a call at 408 894 9000 or email us at contactus@winmaxcorp.com.

WinMax Blog Team

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