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MaxTalent© Staffing Solutions are a great option when you are looking at hiring exceptional talent for short-term project's or long-term projects, assessing for full-time employment compatibility, or if you are looking for some serious senior level consulting expertise on a contract basis. At WinMax, we have developed a very repeatable & sustainable recruiting process. It is a product of industry knowledge, data-driven sourcing models, local presence & the ability to connect with the candidates. We extensively understand contract hiring, and deliver on it consistently. Our reliable, tried and tested contract staffing services deliver results each-time and every-time, thereby enabling you to build the best technology teams.

About Us

Founded in 2005, WinMax is an Technology Talent Acquisition firm that specializes in connecting the best talents from the technology world to innovative organizations. We have 15 years of experience in helping mid to large companies build their technology teams. As technology talent acquisition specialists, we can help you find the right technology talent for your projects.

Our range of talent and staffing services.

We specialize in a wide range of services, that are suited to every need that you might have, in the area of staffing and recruitment. All our services will be tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

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Contract Staffing

MaxTalent© Contract Staffing Solutions are a great option when you are looking for exceptional talent for short-term or long term project's on a contract basis.


Contract Consulting

MaxTalent© Contract Consulting Solutions are a great option when you are looking for some serious senior level consulting expertise on a contract basis. 


Employee Search

MaxTalent© Fulltime is a great option when you are hiring for long-term FTE roles . Our technique understands hiring for FTE extensively, & delivering on it consistently.


Executive Search

MaxTalent© Leadership is a great option when you are hiring for Director, VP, SVP & EVP roles. We deeply understand executive hiring, & the nuances & pitfalls involved.


Start-up Staffing

We have developed a staffing service specifically tailored to the unique needs and requirements of startups and their rapid growth and scale models of business.


VMS MSP Integration

WinMax assures you that we will be a great MSP partner in your ecosystem. MSP's we are currently working with are Kelly, OCG, Pontoon, Pro Unlimited, Yoh and Tapfin.

Why Us?

For us, the customer remains the king, in everything that we do.


Our award-winning on-demand staffing supplier support opens up an exceptional talent pipeline for all varieties of positions with quick turnarounds.


We employ a variety of AI and ML based recruiting techniques that brings forth the best talent that the market has to offer for any particular position.


Our recruiting teams comprise Qualified Engineers, and career HR Professionals who ensure precise screening and qualification benchmarks.


We undertake very extensive and empowering interview preparation for short-listed candidates ensuring high-quality, non time-wasting interviews.


In case of selection, seamless on-boarding is established after thorough background checks, and candidate is ready to start, hit the ground running.


At WinMax, a positive customer experience is the ultimate goal. We guarantee an all-around  top-notch Customer Engagement for you.


WinMax knew that I needed an entire team in less than a month, and was able to provide several amazing resources in only a couple of weeks.

Vice President, Large Solar Company.


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