4 Hiring Mistakes that Can be Extremely Costly for Companies

WinMax Blog Team

21 August 2020

When it comes to hiring employees, there is a lot more thought and effort that goes into the hiring process. You can’t just hire someone based on their resume alone. If companies do not pay attention to this aspect, they can end up making a costly mistake.
Are you wondering what these mistakes are? The following are some hiring mistakes that can be extremely costly for companies. The one major silver lining here is that by paying attention to the following, you can avoid them with ease too.

Mistake 1 – Being Vague About Job Duties

Always make sure that you define the job role, the responsibilities and the skillsets you are looking for in a current job. You can only get the right candidate who fits the role when you pay attention to these details. If you are vague here, you’re going to confuse the candidate and also get employees who are unable to perform the tasks you want.

It’s a good idea to really think about the open job and the responsibilities it has. Furthermore, list down all the skills that you think are needed for the job. Being clear will allow you and the candidate to figure out if the skills are aligned and there is a good match.

Mistake 2 – Paying Attention to Other Skills

This mistake typically happens when companies are headhunting or poaching workers from other companies. Even when you’re doing that, pay attention to the skills the person has and try and apply them to the current position as well as the job responsibilities that the person will have to fulfill.

Do your best not to get wow-ed by the other skills a person has. Furthermore, just because a person can run and manage a business worth $50 million, it does not mean that they know how to build a business up from scratch. Always keep your business needs in mind when picking a candidate.

Mistake 3 – Focusing on Generalists

When you’re looking for a candidate, don’t pay too much attention to the generalists. Yes, generalists are valuable – they are jack-of-all-trades in many businesses. However, don’t be too quick to overlook the specialists. Specialists have strong skills that make them particularly suited for the job at hand.

Generalists have skills as well and their versatility often means that they do not have a strong suit. Despite the fact that they are valuable too, make sure that you have specialists on your team as well. With their help, you can expand the business to new heights with ease.

Mistake 4 – Not Working with Third Parties

The hiring manager needs to be able to identify whether working with a third party contractor or consultant is better. While in-house services are preferable, at times, working with a contractor or consultant comes with a lower cost and ensures a faster hiring process based on the urgency of the job at hand.


By being more discerning, applying the current needs of the office to the job position and more, you can ensure that you avoid hiring mistakes, which could end up costing millions of dollars in losses. It’s not just the monetary losses though. There is a lot of time and resources lost as well.

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WinMax Blog Team

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