7 Job Interview Tips: How to Reduce Your Chances of Failing at Your Next Interview

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25 May 2020

Whether you are applying for an entry-level job or an executive position, job interviews always tend to be a nerve-wracking experience. For most people, it can be difficult to deliver the right impression within an hour or less.

If you happen to be one of them, then we have got good news for you. Like most things, doing well at an interview is a skill that you can inculcate. All you need is a little practice and you can dramatically reduce your chances of failing.

In this article, we will be discussing tips for successful job interviews and how you can improve your interview skills.

Let’s get started.

1. Give a Mock Interview

It’s normal to be a little nervous before an interview. However, you can’t let that get the best of you. When you are nervous, it is that much harder to let your personality come through during the interview.

That’s why our first job interview tip for you is that you practice answering some of the interview questions you are expecting. This will help clear your head and make you feel more confident. You can also ask a friend or family member to act as an interviewer so you can practice answering these questions. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation can also help you feel more relaxed.

You can give a mock interview to hone and optimize your answers for the actual thing. This will help you:

  • Be calmer and less jittery Come across as more natural Avoid providing too much information.
  • Answer questions more confidently
  • Be better prepared to face ambiguity during the interview
  • Gather feedback from your friends and family and reframe answers
  • Come across as more natural
  • Avoid providing too much information.

2. Talk About Past Experiences

Another way to showcase your personality to the interviewer is by sharing specific examples from your previous work experiences. You can prepare a list of short vignettes based on the following elements:

  • The situation
  • The initiative you took
  • The result
  • The benefits delivered
Recounting these experiences will dramatically improve the quality of your answers and enable the interviewer to see how you handle certain situations. For instance, if you have led a team project in the past, you can talk about the initiatives you took, as well as any problems you faced along the way and how you resolved them. This will demonstrate your confidence in your abilities as well as your leadership skills.
3. Do Your Research

It is always important to research the company you are applying to. A few basic things to check off your list here include visiting their website, finding out about their organizational culture, and reviewing their financial position. You can also research company news and see if the company has achieved any new milestones. Ideally, this will also help you learn more about the company’s reputation in the industry.

Another useful tip for successful job interviews is doing some research about the hiring manager. You can try and find their professional profile on LinkedIn to assess their skills-set and experience. This can help you a establish connection with the hiring manager and interact with them more easily during the interview.

Remember, doing your research about a company prior to hiring will help you prepare stronger, more relevant answers and showcase how you plan to add value to the organization if they hire you. It will also showcase your interest in the job. Going in unprepared will not leave a good impression on the hiring manager. They will expect you to be well-informed about the job and the company. If you are not, they may assume you are not invested in the position and the company.

4. Stay Focused and Ask Questions

A job interview is essentially a conversation. Many candidates tend to be nervous and distracted during the interview process which leads to poor performance. Instead, you need to stay relaxed and focused and listen carefully to the interviewer. You don’t need to come up with an answer straight away, as well. It’s better if you take your time and come up with a thoughtful response. This will help you be less nervous and allow you to put your best foot forward during the interview.

You must prepare some questions for the interviewer, as well. For instance, you can ask about your role and responsibilities, what type of growth opportunities you can expect, and what their work culture is like.

You can also ask questions about the projects you expect to be involved in. For instance, what is the current status of the project? What challenges is the company facing in completing the project? You can also discuss the value you expect to bring to the project if you get hired. Enquiring about projects and other relevant work situations will display your level of engagement and leave the right impression on the hiring manager.

5. Practice for Whiteboard Interviews

If you are applying for a technical role, then you might have to prepare for whiteboard interviews, as well. Hiring managers use whiteboard interviews to assess your problem-solving abilities, whether you’re a team player, and how you think in a specific situation.

It is hard not to be nervous during these interviews. However, with a little practice, you can improve your performance for a whiteboard interview, as well. Here are a few job interviews tips to keep in mind when practicing for whiteboard interviews:

  • Compile a list of potential questions that you may be expected to ask and practice answering these questions on a whiteboard.
  • Practice thinking out loud and sharing your thought process with the interviewer while you solve a problem. This will help the interviewer understand your approach in more detail. Focus on staying calm and confident and engaging with the interviewer throughout the interview process.
6. Stay Positive

If you are switching jobs, you can expect the hiring manager to ask you why. In this case, avoid dwelling too much on the negative aspects of your previous/current job. Instead of talking about the problems you faced and what you disliked about your work, we suggest that you focus on the positive aspects. You can talk about what you learned in your previous workplace and why you want to explore new opportunities.

You can also talk about why you want to work with this company and what you expect to contribute. Candidates that showcase their excitement and passion for the position they are applying for are always well-received among hiring managers.

7. Keep Your Body Language in Check

You will also want to keep your posture in check during the interview process. Make sure you sit up straight and do not slouch. Avoid doing things like drumming your fingers and tapping your foot. These will indicate you are nervous and prevent you from focusing on the interview.

You do not want to cross your arms, as well – this will make you appear defensive and unapproachable. Remember, staying still and maintaining a good posture can help you appear self-assured and approachable which is a big plus in job interviews.

In the end, interviewers want to see who you are, what motivates you, and how you react in a high-pressure situation. As long as you do your research about the company, practice staying calm, and remain honest, polite, and focused during the interview process, you will be able to deliver a great impression.

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