Adding a Human Quality to the Hiring Process – 5 Things You Can Do

WinMax Blog Team

01 September 2020

When it comes to hiring, the process lacks a certain human quality that is evident to the candidates but not often to the company. Companies are usually so focused on sifting through the resumes, looking for the best candidates. To do this, they have a protocol and system in place.
While this system can streamline the process of hiring, it can also make the process of joining a company a bit displeasing to the candidates. Today, more candidates are being discerning about the places they join. Just as the business judges the candidates, these very same candidates are judging the business too.
If the hiring process is lacking in some way, skilled candidates have no issues moving on and looking for better places. For this reason, adding a human quality to your hiring process can be the best idea. Additionally, this is not a difficult thing to do, the following are simple ways you can achieve this:

1. Be Respectful of their Time

It is a good idea to be punctual, regardless of whether you have arranged an interview, phone call or video-call. In fact, if you’re running late, inform the candidate as soon as possible. Making them wait for hours without giving them an explanation is disrespectful. Remember that they might have other things to do with their time as well.

2. Show Off the Corporate Culture

Make sure to implement the corporate culture right from the start. It allows one to give the candidates a clearer idea about how working in your office will be like. With a strong corporate culture, you can attract skilled candidates who are interested in working with you. This is a strategy that many big corporate houses make use of.

3. Being Hospitable

Even if the candidate comes in just for an interview or to give a test, make sure to be hospitable and offer them refreshments such as water or tea. Also make sure to let them know where the restrooms are. By making sure that they feel comfortable, it is possible to have a better interview. Moreover, it also gives a favorable impression of your company as well.

4. Including Peers in the Interview

In many cases, you can also include peers in the interview process as well, particularly if the person is going to be included in that person’s team. This is one of the best ways to also see how a person will fit into the team that they are being hired for.

5. A Tour of the Workplace

Some companies also give a tour of the business premises to their potential employees. This is done to expose them to their future work environment and to make the workplace look more attractive to them. It gives one the advantage of showing off the perks and benefits the company has to offer such as a gym, cafeteria, game room and more.


Having a human quality can improve the chances of hiring the right skilled individual. To learn more about how you can add a human touch to your hiring process, get in touch with our consultants at WinMax Systems Corporation. You can give us a call at 408 894 9000 or email us at

WinMax Blog Team

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