How Can You Navigate a Hot Job Market to Get Your Dream Job?

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07 June 2020

Job hunting is easily one of the hardest parts of being a grownup. There’s plenty of rejection along the way, not to mention the frustration that comes with impossible hiring requirements put forth by employers. The good news is that like most things, getting your dream job may be difficult, but it is not impossible. In this article, we are going to help you figure out how to get a job in a competitive market. Let’s get started.

1. Learn How to Stand Out

The first thing you need to understand is that you are not the only person out there looking for a job. The competition is extremely stiff, and you need to learn how to stand out. Truth be told, trying to get a job is much like trying to sell a product. And as crude as it may sound, that product is you. You should be able to present yourself as a capable and talented individual who can add value to an organization. Try and get a little crafty with your resume and cover letter. Most job seekers will borrow things from an online template when writing their resume and cover letter, but this is no longer good enough. Companies look for people who can understand their products and ideas while bringing something fresh and original to the table. You must try and understand your skills and strengths and build up your profile accordingly. This will automatically help you stand out as well.

2. Do Your Research

Make sure you do your research on every company you are applying to. This is particularly important if you are looking to land a job in a large multinational corporation. Try and understand how these companies work. What type of skills are they looking for? What are their future aims? What are the factors responsible for their failures or successes? More importantly, how can you add value to their organization?

Knowing the answer to these questions is particularly important during job interviews. It will help you come across as an intelligent, ambitious, and capable individual who understands how the industry works. It can also help you customize your resume and cover letter in accordance with the organization you are applying to.

3. Apply to Jobs That Fit Your Profile
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A lot of people make the mistake of applying to any and every job opening that they find. This can make it harder for you to find a great job as it broadens your focus. When looking for a job, it’s best to keep things as uncomplicated as you can. Try and apply to positions that are relevant to your career goals and skill sets. This will also increase your chances of getting accepted. Even if you sound like a promising candidate, most companies do not have the time to go through applications that simply do not fit their hiring requirements.

Narrowing your search field will also help you understand how a particular industry works. You can familiarize yourself with resources that can help you find a job within your area of interest.

4. Get Help from a Recruitment Agency

If you are still having trouble figuring out how to get a job in a competitive market, you can always seek help from a recruitment agency. This option is particularly useful if you are having trouble with the idea of "selling yourself." A recruitment agency can help you build an exciting career profile. They can also search for work on your behalf. Additionally, these agencies are usually well-connected with organizations you may be interested in. They can get you in touch with potential employers that may otherwise be unreachable and you may just get your dream job.

5. Try Temporary Jobs

If you are having trouble landing your dream job, you can try working in other organizations on a temporary basis. This can help you gain some work experience while leaving you with enough time to look for better prospects. And all said and done, it still helps you pay the bills, right?

Make sure you find the right temporary staffing agency for this. Most agencies will only be able to find you monotonous, clerical work with no real scope for learning. To avoid this, make sure you communicate your requirements clearly to a recruiter.

6. Try and Find Useful Contacts

There’s a widely held belief that while your academic scores may help you shine during college, networking is what will help you get a job. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whatever sails your boat), this is true. Try and dig through your network of friends and acquaintances to see if you know someone who has worked at a company you are applying to. This can help you gain some perspective on what the organization is like. Knowing someone at a company can also increase your chances of getting a job there. In some cases, organizations may not post a formal notice about job openings anywhere. Instead, they rely on employee referrals for gathering recruits. Consequently, building your list of contacts can go a long way in finding a great job.

Let’s Sum It Up
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Finding your dream job is largely a matter of persistence, creativity, and networking. As long as you keep applying to relevant places and tap into whatever resources are available to you, you are likely to find something great.

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