Technology Trends for 2019 and 2020: Here’s What You Need to Watch Out For

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07 June 2020

Given the rapid pace at which technology develops, it’s important to keep up. After all, failing to adapt to the latest technological trends can quickly translate into the death of a perfectly sound business. The Nokia story will tell you that much. So what can you expect in the world of technology in 2019 and 2020? Here’s what our research on the hottest technological trends came up with:

1. The Rise and Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been one of the most popular technological trends for the past few years. The year 2019 and 2020 will be no different. There have been a series of significant developments in the field. Computers have become capable of learning about the world as humans do. This development can be attributed to powerful computing capabilities, as well as the explosion of data. Artificial intelligence is now advancing at a rapid speed, and we can expect it to take over an increasing number of human tasks by next year.

Gartner has also reported on collaboration between application developers and data scientists to create AI-based solutions. The collaboration will allow developers to gain access to an ecosystem of AI models and algorithms. It will also enable them to use tools designed for integrating AI capabilities into existing technological solutions. Gartner also reported that by the year 2022, there would be an increased demand for AI developers for new application projects.

2. Quantum Computing To See Further Development

Quantum computing is advanced computing that can perform extremely complex calculations within seconds. Quantum computers can decipher the sort of complexity that would take our current computer systems hundreds of years to solve. The rise of quantum computing can help organizations analyze large amounts of data and optimize it for practical use. Currently, technological giants such as Intel, IBM, and Google are researching this data science field. The research is still in its nascent stages and will take 4 to 5 years before it has any practical applications. Nevertheless, quantum computing is a trend to watch out for in the coming few years.

3. Digital Twin Technology to Redefine Product Development

Digital Twin technology can allow you to create a virtual replica of a physical object. Data scientists can then work on this digital replica before moving onto the actual device. Like AI, this technology is also gaining momentum, and we can expect it to become mainstream by 2021. It allows you to analyze, monitor, and control how an object works before it is released to the public. Everything is digital. You can even run simulations of how the object will be used. The advantage offered by digital twin technology is evident. Developers can understand and optimize a product without wasting money on a million physical prototypes.

4. Faster Internet Speed with 5G Technology

5G is another widely anticipated technological trend that will take over by 2020. The benefits of this technology are obvious. You can enjoy faster internet speeds, higher download capacities, and a lower latency. The introduction of 5G will also help in the further development of wireless VR and autonomous vehicles. Since it will offer significantly higher data rates, we can expect a much smoother VR and AR experience through this technology.

As per Statista, 5G technology will be accessible to nearly 40% of the global population by 2024.

5. Edge Computing to Enhance Communication between IoT Devices

Edge Computing is closely related to the Internet of Things. It is based on a network of data centers that can store and process critical data and push it towards a central data center. Edge computing allows IoT devices to transfer data to a local device. The development of edge computing is a major leap in data science. It can improve the connectivity of IoT devices since they cannot be constantly connected to a cloud server. It also reduces latency. This is because the data does not need to travel through the entire network before reaching a data center for processing. This is particularly valuable for the finance or manufacturing industry where even a millisecond-long latency can be damaging. Edge computing can also be beneficial to the development of 5G technology.

6. Blockchain to Find Application beyond Cryptocurrency
Blockchain technology

This is another technology trend that is likely to regain momentum in 2019. Like AI, the potential of Blockchain has been talked about for several years now. While its application in cryptocurrency remains questionable, fans of the technology can expect its use in key business applications in 2019 and onwards. It can be used to improve collaboration between corporations. Blockchain also has the potential to combine with the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Technology provides a secure framework that can be used by IoT devices to communicate with each other. The framework is also highly resistant to cyberattacks, allowing the safe transfer of information.

7. Chatbots Meet NLP

Chatbots have become increasingly popular as a customer service application. However, as its critics will point out, this technology cannot replace human assistance. The integration of chatbots with NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) has the potential to change all that. NLP allows computers to discern the true context behind complicated statements involving sarcasm or pun. It can allow us to engage with computers in the same way we interact with humans. We will no longer need to use machine-specific language. Naturally, this can increase the efficiency of chatbots and allow them to provide a superior customer experience.

Let’s Sum It Up

There are several technological trends that are likely to dominate 2019 and 2020. Some like Quantum computing and Digital Twin technology may get delayed. However, other trends, such as 5G technology, AI, Edge Computing, and Blockchain are likely to redefine the technological landscape sooner rather than later.

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