Why Should Contract Roles Be Your Next Career Move?

WinMax Blog Team

21 August 2020

Did you know that contract workers make up 20% of the workforce? That’s right. When making a career move, most people prefer to apply for full-time jobs that provide them with a permanent position within a company. However, if you examine it up-close, contract employment offers a series of advantages that are difficult to find in full-time positions.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of contract jobs and why you should consider applying for one. Let’s get started.

1. More Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of taking up contractual work is flexibility. As a contract employee, you will get to enjoy more flexible scheduling than a permanent employee. You get to choose when to start a new project and when to take a break. This can allow you to take breaks between projects and enjoy some personal time before taking something new. You also get to choose the kind of projects you want to work on. This is particularly attractive for contractors as it allows them to do work that aligns with their interests. You can also achieve a better work-life balance. If you are the type of person who wishes to control their work schedule and take time out for a life outside work, then a contract job will be very well-suited for you.

2. Better Compensation

A major benefit of contract jobs is that contract employees tend to earn more money. As per a 2019 survey, full-time employees tend to earn an average of $93,013. On the other hand, staffing agencies offer contract employers an average of $98,079. Staffing agencies also offer several perks and benefits to contract employees. These include medical insurance and paid time off.

If you are not using a staffing agency and are working directly for an employer instead, you can still earn an average salary of $94,011.

If you are looking to apply for a technical position such as a UX Designer or Software Developer, then we strongly recommend that you look for a contract job. You can earn more if you enter into a contract arrangement for such jobs. The same applies to other jobs with a highly sought-after skills-set.

3. More Productivity

As a contract employee, you get to use your time more productively. You do not have to be a part of activities that full-time employees are involved in. This can be a major perk for candidates who are passionate about their work and want to invest their time in doing the tasks they have been hired to do.

As a contract employee, you will not have to spend time participating in activities that contribute little to your work. This can boost the value of the money you are earning, as well since you are dedicating your time solely to the task at hand. Some contract employees also get to work remotely.

4. Exposure to New Technologies

As a contract employee, you get to work with a variety of organizations. This can expose you to new systems, tools, and organizational workflow processes that present new learning opportunities. You can learn how to use these new tools and equipment and become familiar with the workings of large companies. This can increase your worth as a contractor and broaden your skills-set.

Unlike full-time jobs where you may experience monotony in terms of your tasks, contract jobs provide an exciting opportunity to hone your skills and improve your knowledge about new technologies in your industry. This can help you adapt more quickly to changes in the business environment and pace your learning in a way that suits organizations.

As a result of these experiences, contractors are also able to present new ideas to organizations seeking their services. They possess a wealth of knowledge about new trends and technologies in the industry – something their current team may be unaware of. This makes them highly attractive to organizations looking to enhance their output by welcoming a new approach.

5. Greater Variety of Projects and Clients

Most contract positions are outsourced by large and well-established companies. As a full-time employee, getting recruited by such companies often seems like a pipe dream. However, if you switch to contract employment, there is a big chance you will get to work with some big names in the industry.

Contractual jobs provide an ideal opportunity to show your skills-set to a large organization and collaborate with them on versatile projects. Besides broadening your experience, this also adds more weight to your resume. It helps you establish a network of business contacts comprising of prominent names in the industry, as well. This can be particularly useful in the long run and you can keep working on high-end projects that help you make a difference.

6. Constant Growth and Improvement
Contract employment

If you have only ever worked as a full-time employee, you may be concerned about the lack of job security that comes with contractual work. However, there is another way to look at this too. As a contract worker, being relevant is the key to getting good work. If you do not have an attractive work profile, you will likely lose the job to someone else.

Instead of worrying about the instability of contract jobs, you can consider it as an opportunity to keep pushing yourself to do better. As a contract worker, you need to keep learning new skills and keep up with industry demands. There is little room for complacency here. You need to be imminently employable if you want to continue working.

A lot of full-time positions do not offer the same opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Unless you switch jobs, you may not be exposed to new experiences. You may also find it difficult to improve yourself. The flexibility that comes with contract work provides you with the time to invest in yourself as a professional. You can take up a professional course or learn how to use new tools. This can enhance your worth in the industry and help you sustain yourself.

Wrapping It Up

If you enjoy the flexibility, freedom, and constant learning that come with contract employment, then we recommend you consider contract positions for your next career move.

Are you interested in exploring a contract position? Then get in touch with our team at WinMax. We can help you find a suitable employment opportunity in the right company. Once you experience the benefits of contract jobs, you may never want to take up a full-time position again.

To get in touch with us, drop us an email at contactus@winmaxcorp.com and let us help you out.

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